The greatest possible flexibility in the magnetisation of elastomers

After moulding, magnetisation takes place in accordance with customer specifications. Typically one- or multi-track magnetisations are used for the magnetic measuring technique, and this in all conceivable directions in space. Strong magnetic fields are combined and controlled in such a way in special systems so that the desired pole pattern is created. Various system concepts are available for this, depending on the number of pieces, execution and precision of the magnetisation.

The basis of every magnetic measurement is the measuring element; here, it is the pole ring. Consequently, as a matter of course, all systems are equalised with highly precise reference systems.

Quality assurance - MAGNOPOL is reliable

We thoroughly examine our magnets and magnet systems on highly modern systems - 100%.

By doing so, on the one hand, we guarantee optimal quality upon delivery, and on the other hand, it makes it possible for us to make precise statements on the design of the system. Reference measurements in order to make possible improvements and optimisations at any time.

Part of the basics of our quality assurance are a high quality standard for all products and processes as well as effective limitations of all product-related risks.