Technical advising – Specialists for specialists

Generally speaking, when designing measurement systems, interdisciplinary expert knowledge is necessary. For the area of magnetic pole rings, as a key component of your measurement system, naturally, we would be happy to support you with all of our experience and technical competence. With us, it is possible to design even complex systems magnetically as well as mechanically correctly. By doing so, we make use of the most modern measurement systems and carry out numerical simulations using the finite element method.

Our highly flexible prototype processes make it possible for you to test out your first pole rings within a short period of time. In this context, these prototypes functionally correspond to the current model version as much as is possible. That way, you gain a realistic impression of the performance of MAGNOPOL magnetic pole rings.

Finished magnetic systems can be magnetically measured on our highly precise measurement systems. In doing so, we offer our customers the sound possibility to receive documented measurement results, even in a very early project phase.

Of course, we also offer this engineering planning as a service independent of a project. We will gladly help you with our know-how and support you with the development and implementation. Talk to us, partake of our knowledge, and let’s work together on an optimal solution for your problem.

You can reach us at phone number 040 605 90 87-70 or write us an e-mail.