About us

The company

MAGNOPOL GmbH & Co. KG is specialised in magnetic measurement as the basis for touch-free measurement systems and the services associated with it.


Marcus Sauer and Heiko Schumacher’s perfectly complementing areas of expertise are at the heart of the business. Both have field-specific knowledge of technology that goes hand in hand and makes the most innovative product developments possible. Therefore, effective solutions and efficient service are available to our customers. The basis for this is over 25 years of professional activity, during which the engineers gained extensive know-how in the fields of elastomer processing, magnet technology and electronics.


The idea

Motion control is the growth market of the future.

MAGNOPOL is interested in making the product group of touch-free, magnetic measuring systems applicable for the overwhelming majority of people. Until now, this technology has only successfully been implemented in the automotive industry, and in large numbers.

The company, based in Hamburg, has the goal of also creating access to these products in all industries and applications where motions need to be checked –
and that in quantities of one or more.