Pole rings for high rotational speeds in magnetic measurement systems

If you have to achieve especially high rotational speeds in your application, such as over 25,000 min-1, special requirements are demanded of the measuring system. The magnetic pole wheel must safely function at a maximum operating temperature over its lifetime at maximum rotational speed.

The newly developed pole ring for high-speed uses from MAGNOPOL therefore has an additional protective sleeve and, along with that, better resists centrifugal force. Just like the internal metal part, the protective sleeve is chemically bonded during vulcanisation.

The performance of the new pole ring at a glance:

  • Speed resistant up to 50.000 min-1 at +80°C and Ø75,4 mm
  • Additional sizes deliverable upon request
  • Support and protective sleeve made from stainless steel
  • Chemical bonding of stainless steel to rubber through
  • Robustness through a vulcanised protective sleeve
  • Proven magnetic precision despite the protective sleeve
  • Absolute or incremental measurement possible

Starting immediately, you can use MAGNOPOL pole rings at very high rotational speeds in magnetic measurement systems at very high speeds as well and profit from their characteristics.